Environmental Protection


Design and provide green solutions


Implementation of energy conservation and emission reduction, and actively to cope with climate change



Henergysolar to establish and perfect the energy management system, in the infrastructure construction, property management, power saving laboratory management, production management, and other energy consumption for energy conservation and emission reduction work, establish and implement unit energy consumption and energy saving double index, improving energy efficiency as the core, formulate energy-saving technical renovation project plan to continue to improve office environment, such as the central air conditioning system, lighting system and office and energy efficiency of experimental equipment.


Energy conservation and emission reduction

Henergysolar indoor heating strictly carry out air conditioning lighting management, and shall strictly control the environment temperature adjust system opening or closing time, through the generator maintenance, set up a vehicle km measures to lower oil diesel fuel and gasoline consumption.


Water resources

Henergysolar production life from the municipal water supply system with water, no surface water and groundwater external water supply and negative effects.



Henergysolar operation process of the waste mainly includes recycling solid waste, generally solid waste. Waste treatment process until the recovery system tracking process, make waste can get to deal with environmental protection and recycle.


Raw materials management

Henergysolar observe global product related environmental law requirements, control company manufacturing process of materials, components and products of the chemical substances, and actively seek alternatives to material, continue to decrease the use of hazardous substances.


Green packaging

Henergysolar formulated the green packaging strategies that take the moderate packaging, as the core of the reasonable design, reduction in advance, can be repeated turnover and repeated use, material recycling, recycling, and biodegradable disposal, and around the turnover frame, turnover tray, the turnover box as a core of green packaging solutions, organized and orderly development, application and promotion practice.


Green logistics

Distance the process of greenhouse gas emissions is becoming a key concern, through the development of green logistics, henergysolar in reduce cost, reduce energy consumption and positive response to climate change.

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