• "Experts Zone" is brand part of henergysolar, inviting a number of experts with plentiful experience to publish periodic industry trends, experience sharing, investigate the problems, press reviews, and other types of original articles. Through the sharing, exchange of long-term accumulation of expertise or hands-on experience for the practitioners in the field of new energy to bring a lot of inspiration and jointly promote the development of the industry.
  • Teach how to fish instead of give a fish. We focus on solar energy, sapphire and silicon carbide industry development. “Professional, practical and systematic” upholds the basic principle of our courses. The team of years of industry experience and the accumulation of years of full-time job is the guarantee of professional and practical. Industry experts in curriculum development team are systematic and forward-looking protection.
  • Henergysolar unwavering service solar, sapphire and SIC market in China and Asia, bringing together the front-line experts and renowned scholars from all over China and the world, provides excellent information and communication platform for the majority of insiders, personnel training, bring business opportunities and increase profits, thereby contributing to the development of relevant industries in China and around the world.
  • Henergysolar provide a comprehensive and professional knowledge to learn and download, including knowledge glossary, principle explain, questions of the production line and so on. Different levels and areas, classification clear, practical, and also provides video instruction download services.
  • Industry-leading topics of regularly collecting industry trends, topics to invite experts to express their views, strive to lead the industry trend, and sharing of advanced topics for readers. With insightful points, not comprehensive but for the hands-on experience, interesting and enlightening; does not seek rhetorical, however, simple, and there is evidence of exhaustive.
  • SNEC PV Power Expo in ShangHai
  • 16-18 May 2012, Henergysolar exhibit SNEC exhibition and launched new PL equipment, was named toone of the 10 innovative products of the SNEC 2012
  • Si and Ge Standards
  • Henergysolar participated in the drafting of silicon-germanium 17 standards meeting as a member unit of China Semiconductor Association
  • SEMI LED Forum
  • In March 2012, Henergysolar participated in the SEMI LED Forum
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